Sally Gelpke -- CFP, BA, MEd

Senior Financial Advisor

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"If I had to describe Sally in two words, I would choose ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘trustworthy’"

Financial Planner in Ottawa

Recipient of Top Financial Advisor by Faces Ottawa magazine.


This website is designed to assist prospective clients in gaining an understanding of my approach to financial planning and to act as a tool for existing clients in deepening their understanding of financial planning.

If you are a prospective financial planning client, I encourage you to take a moment to browse our client testimonials and to read  frequently asked questions posed by clients.  You may also wish to read the recent  articles on financial planning that I post.

Sally Gelpke -- CFP, BA, MEd


A partner in Equity Associates and a Certified Financial Planner, Sally started her career as a counselling psychologist, which has significantly influenced her approach to financial planning. Integrating all aspects of an individual’s life, Sally takes the time to develop a holistic and customized plan with truly independent advice that will enable her clients to make well-informed decisions.

Through an extensive discovery process she uncovers her clients’ goals, helps them prioritize their concerns and provides strategies to help them reach their objectives. It is through this relentless commitment to developing individualized plans and providing timely and consistent follow up that Sally fosters long-term relationships with her clients based on confidence and trust.